Hi everyone,
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If you’ve seen the previous videos, then you already know that today I’m going to tell you about WHERE.
WHERE does the 7HOLES take place?
Let’s go !!

WHERE does the 7HOLES take place ?
In France, in the French Alps.
Precisely, in a mountain range called the Chartreuse.
The 7HOLES takes place on the slopes and inside a mountain called Dent de Crolles.

The Dent de Crolles overlooks the city of Grenoble.
In this sector, there are dozens and dozens of kms of paths to be covered between 1000 and 2000 meters above sea level.
Inside this mountain, there are about 70 kms of known underground galleries.
The 7HOLES borrows only 10.
This underground network has so far 11 entries and when you finish your 7holes, you will have discovered 7.

Let’s summarize :

  • 7HOLES ULTRA CAVING RUN, it’s this :  a hybrid mountain course of about 20 kms, which alternates underground passages (about 10 kms) and surface passages (also about 10 kms).
  • You run in team of 4 persons : You and 3 friends of yours.
  • 2 guides accompany you underground at all times, to guide the group and ensure everyone’s safety.
  • The 7HOLES takes place in the French Alps, in the Chartreuse mountain range, on the slopes and inside a mountain called the Dent de Crolles.

Now that you know that, maybe you’re asking yourself question like :
WHEN does the 7HOLES take place ?

Very good question.
I’ll see you on the next video : WHEN.

Thanks for reading.
The 7HOLES is a brand new adventure and… it’s probably for you.