4 – WHEN

Hi everyone,
and Hi to you !

Today, I’m going to talk to you about WHEN.
WHEN is the 7HOLES ?

The 7HOLES takes place during the summer. For 2019, the period will be between July 1rst and September 15th, or ELEVEN weeks.
Each week, 1 team of 4 people will be able to participate in the 7HOLES.

A little word about the program (even if I will tell you more about it in a future video).
Week of July 15th, for example :
On Thursday, you start your 7HOLES with your team and your 2 guides.
But you already know that your 2 guides will take you underground with them for 2 consecutive days to teach you the basics.
This will take place on Monday and Tuesday.
As for Wednesday, I will also talk to you about it later in detail.
But know that on that day, we will prepare for the race of the next day and to succeed in the challenge.

As you can see, the 7HOLES is for you the opportunity :

  • to spend 1 week with the entire 7holes team,
  • for an unprecedented run,
  • for a unique sporting challenge,
  • for an experience never imagined,
  • and… in a unique setting.

An important thing :
To participate, you must register.
When the registrations open, choose the date that suits you and your friends on the schedule.
And if you don’t have any friends, no problem !
Come and complete an existing team !

Now that you know that, maybe you’re asking yourself questions like :
HOW do I register ?
or else
HOW does it work once I get here in France ?

Very good questions.
I’ll see you on the next video : HOW.

Thanks for reading.
The 7HOLES is a brand new adventure and… it’s probably for you.