5 – HOW

Hi everyone,
and Hi to you !

HOW to register for the 7HOLES ?
Please note this date: January 14th, 2019.
Registrations will be open from this date, on this website, with all the necessary information, the complete program, phone number and contact if you have any questions, and so on.
January 14th, 2019 : Be there.

HOW do things work, once you get here, in France?
Well, With the 7HOLES team, we’re going to start by saying hello, telling you how happy we are that you came, making sure you had a good trip and that you don’t miss anything….that’s normal.

Then, we start together for a week :

On day 1, you are with your 2 guides. They will give you all the caving equipment you will need during the week. They’ll equip you from head to toe. Then they’ll take you with them for a first underground trip.

On day 2, a new underground trip, in another cave, still with your 2 guides.
At the end of these 2 days of learning, you are ready for your 7HOLES and your team too. But we will have to prepare some things before we go to the assault.

That’s what we’re going to do on the third day. You, your team and the 7HOLES team, we will prepare together the logistics of the next day :

  • food,
  • personal equipment,
  • equipment for the 2 bivouacs.
    2 people from the 7holes team will be specially there to organize these logistical aspects.

During this 3rd day, we will also take a moment to discuss together :

  • the challenge that awaits you and your team the next day,
  • everything that will have to be done to succeed,
  • the instructions that will have to be respected,
  • the security measures put in place to deal with any eventuality.
    It will be a very important moment.

In day 4, we’re finally there!
Let’s go for your 7HOLES, with your team, your 2 guides and the 7HOLES team who will provide you with everything you need during your challenge.

Day 5, day 6? Well… they will depend on you.

All of this is for you and your team.
But we also thought of all your friends who may be far from here, your followers on the web, your community.
If you agree, the 7HOLES team will allow you to share your adventure with them all along the week :

  • underground images,
  • life scenes,
  • interviews,
  • emotion sharing,

  • With the objective that all those who matter to you can also experience your adventure, almost live.

An important thing :
As you saw in the previous video, the 7HOLES takes place over ELEVEN weeks, from July 1st to September 15th.
It is intended for teams of 4 people per week.
That makes a total of 44 places.
Think about this carefully.
I know they’re going to be booked very quickly.

Now that you know that, you may have to ask yourself :
HOW MUCH does the 7HOLES cost ?

Very good question.
I’ll see you on the next post : HOW MUCH.

Thanks for reading.
The 7HOLES is a brand new adventure and… it’s probably for you.