7 – WHY

Hi everyone,
And hi to you !

This is the last video together. When you have seen it, you will know everything about the 7HOLES.
So let’s go !!

A few years ago, I had the idea of combining surface and underground passages to create a new hybrid sports discipline : the ULTRA CAVING RUN.
A little like others have had the idea of combining cycling, swimming and running to create a triathlon.
Rather than keep this idea just in the hands of a few sports friends, I decided to propose it to a wider audience.
People like you, performers, who want to experience an extraordinary and unique adventure.

I’m offering you the 7HOLES today because I’m not alone.
There is the 7HOLES team, made up of very experienced professionals who have agreed to follow me on this adventure.
I propose you the 7HOLES today because you will be accompanied during your challenge by the best in terms of :

  • supervision,
  • coaching,
  • organization,
  • safety management.
    These are essential conditions for the implementation of such a race.

Finally, I propose you the 7HOLES today because you’ve been here since the first presentation video and it’s probably not by chance.
That’s why now, we’re going to talk a little about you.

I will be very frank and very direct with you.
The 7HOLES is an extremely difficult challenge, physically and psychologically.
I guess you’re someone who already practices disciplines that need a lot of commitment: trail, ultra trail, marathon, mountaineering, … or maybe other things just as demanding.

If you are someone who is satisfied with what he knows, even if what you know is already very difficult,
If you are someone who gets involved because he knows the beginning, the end and what can happen between the two,
If you are someone who finally wants to stay in a certain zone more or less comfortable but he masters,
In theses cases, do not change anything.
What you do, whatever your discipline, is already huge and is more than enough for your personal accomplishment.

But in this case, I tell you honestly, the 7HOLES is not for you because it will need that you adapt to many new things so that it is possible to succeed.
I must be clear with you : No way for me to let you engage in an adventure that will not be beautiful, in a personal challenge that has no chance to succeed.

On the contrary,
If you are someone who is looking for new forms of achievement, in addition to everything you have already done,
If you are someone who wants to venture into unknown lands where you will have to adapt permanently,
If you are someone who wants to shake up your landmarks to reach a new stage in surpassing yourself,
Well, I can tell you that the 7HOLES is definitely for you.

Because this week that I propose to you with the 7HOLES team is all this at once and only that:

  • A new way of living the mountains,
  • A new type of difficulty to overcome,
  • A new attitude to adopt.

The 7HOLES experience is unique.
It is not comparable to any other.
But the challenge is huge and it will force you to adapt to a whole context that you never had the opportunity to apprehend.
Your challenge will be there.
The one of the 7HOLES team and mine, will be to put you in the best conditions.
And it starts now.

I’ll see you next week, January 14th, for the 7HOLES 2019 registrations opening.

Everything will take place on the 7HOLES website.
Remember : there are only 44 places. I hope there will be one for you.

Thanks for reading.
The 7HOLES is a brand new adventure and….. It’s definitely for you.