Cookies policy

When you visit a website, information may be stored on or retrieved from your browser, usually in the form of cookies. This information may relate to you, your preferences or your device and is mainly used to ensure that the site operates as intended. The recorded data generally does not allow you to be directly identified, but can allow you to benefit from a personalized web experience.

Cookies are defined as small computer files, trackers that are installed on your device (computer or mobile), and that make it easier to navigate our Site, including storing preferences, user names, and personalized content. Cookies are not malicious files.
The cookies used on our Site fall into two categories: mandatory and functional.

Mandatory cookies:
They activate the essential functions without which the Site cannot function. They do not collect personal data for commercial purposes, and cannot be deactivated.
This category consists of the following cookie groups:

  • Hosting” cookies: used to link the Site to the servers that host it. These cookies are essential and necessary for the operation of the Site.
  • Cookies related to E-commerce: they allow you to store the contents of your shopping cart, and to keep you informed of the availability of our products that interest you.
  • User Experience Cookies: These cookies provide a personalized experience of your visit to the Site. They record your preferences, such as the language of the Site, the location, the universe of products you visit, the display of a mobile version or computer on mobile devices.

Functional cookies:
They offer advanced features to allow better navigation on the Site. They also do not collect any personal data, except your IP address, and can be disabled if you wish.
This category consists of the following cookie groups:

  • Google Tag Manager cookies: they measure user traffic and behaviour, and help you understand the impact of online advertising and social networks. In concrete terms, these cookies allow us to offer you even more personalized content based on the elements in which you are interested.
  • Google Maps Cookies: they use your location to display the resellers and distributors closest to you.
  • Google AnalyticsTM cookies: these cookies are a tool for analysing and measuring the Site’s audience, and make it possible to analyse the use of the Site and produce statistics (distinction between the various user sessions, new visits in particular).

The data collected by Google AnalyticsTM is transmitted to Google and stored on servers based in the United States in order to analyse and measure the use of the Site, to produce reports and to provide, if necessary, services relating to the activity of the Site.
Google’s processing of this data is detailed in its privacy policy, which can be accessed via the following link:

The security of your data collected by Google through its Google AnalyticsTM cookie is guaranteed by the principles set out in the “Privacy Shield”, established by the European Commission and the US Department of Commerce. Privacy Shield is a certification mechanism for companies established in the United States that has been recognised by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of technical and legal protection for personal data transferred by a European entity to companies established in the United States.

These cookies (mandatory and functional) do not damage or endanger your device. They do not download viruses or malware, run any software or programs, or spy on your device’s activities.
Once cookies are accepted, your preferences are saved for your next visits to our Site until you delete them from your device, or until their expiry date as defined by national legislation and European Union regulations.

You can of course refuse the use of cookies by going to the settings of your browser, to the tab dedicated to the management of these cookies. It should be noted, however, that the deletion of cookies may make it impossible to access certain parts of the Site or to provide certain services during your visit.
You can manage cookies related to the Site at any time.

Cookies Management

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